Welcome to Film & Event Radio Rentals

We are the new communications solution to the Film & Event industries in Toronto

We specialize in renting Motorola portable radios to film and event production companies. Some of our clients include feature films, TV shows, commercial production, TV pilots, music videos., live event, fashion shows and more.

Motorola Solutions in Toronto

Our radios for rent are Motorola CP185.
These radios are extremely reliable and feature the following features:

-Military grade construction
- Ergonomic design, super easy to use, light weight
-Long range and long battery life
-Analog radios (no robotic sound)
-16 Channel

Accessories Available

You can choose from the following options:

-Hand held external mics
-Over the head ear piece
-FBI style ear piece
-Extra batteries and chargers
All our radios come with pelican style charger for better transportation